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“Unprecedented and Uncertain” those seem to be the two terms I have heard continually in the last several weeks. I want to focus on the word uncertain.  I googled it, and this is the first definition that comes up:  insecure, precarious, imply a lack of predictability. That which is uncertain is doubtful or problematical; it often involves danger through an inability to predict, or to place confidence in the unknown. It made me stop and think, when has my life has ever been certain?  When my parents passed away, when my brother had a heart transplant, when a friend was diagnosed with cancer, these were all uncertain times.  Was I certain when I left a job of 20 years to start Rise Up?  Now I know this is not the same, but those have been some fearful times in my life.  So, I have to ask myself, how did I manage through those uncertain times, and I only have one answer. “I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. (Psalm 34:4). ” Yes, though times do seem scary, the emotion that I feel is not entirely unfamiliar.  A friend posted in her Facebook feed, “This is really hard.”  So many people responded to it that they felt the same way.  Our lives have changed. My house has turned into an office and schoolhouse.  The doorbell rings and we all freak out.  Why is someone at my door?  We can’t let them in.  Our neighbors have somehow become our enemies.  I know this is what we all are thinking.  This is not easy but what sustains me through this all is my relationship with Christ and the knowledge that ultimately, He is in charge.  I can surely do my part and stay home, but ultimately, I need Him right now more than ever.  I watched the Pope give a blessing to the world last Friday, and he said “Be Not Afraid,” that has to be my mantra.  I spoke to someone yesterday that said, “I have prayed more in the last two weeks than any other time in my life.”  What a great feeling to be able to turn to God.  Worship music is a big part of my prayer life.  The song Waymaker has been my go to during these uncertain times.  Here are some words I want to share with you from the song:

Way maker

Miracle worker

Promise keeper

Light in the darkness

You wipe away all tears

You mend the broken heart

You’re the answer to it all Jesus


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