Rise Up is a unique invitation to young people to come and meet Christ. We invite and welcome each and every one of you. Please take a moment to watch our newest Rise Up video and, when we are able again, please come and experience a Rise Up event..

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How To Make Holy Week Holy
by Nancy M. Powers

Holy Week is fast approaching. This Sunday is Palm Sunday the day commemorating when Jesus entered Jerusalem a hero, a Savior, the Christ. People laid out palms in front of...

Unprecedented and Uncertain
by Onie Lee

“Unprecedented and Uncertain” those seem to be the two terms I have heard continually in the last several weeks. I want to focus on the word uncertain.  I googled it,...

Draw Near To Him
by Lola Martin

“If only Jesus were here, He wouldn’t have allowed this to happen,” is a phrase I’ve been hearing go around a lot lately. I have never heard a bigger lie be...

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