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Stars Go Dim / May 26, 2017

“You Are Loved” (Official Music Video)

Stars Go Dim debut album now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

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The Strength of Fortitude
by Tracy Gaboyau

Last month, I attended a retreat at the University of North Florida called the senior day of reflection. The retreat was hosted by my Catholic diocese to gather up seniors...

Pews Pencils and Crickets
by Joe Sutherland

Chirp-chirp…… Chirp-chirp…… Crickets   Silence. An empty air. A sound you’re probably familiar with. But maybe not comfortable with. Sometimes you hear it (or rather, don’t hear anything) in an...

Texans Deshaun Watson
Walks the Walk

Many times in today’s society, people will talk the talk, but they will not walk the walk. Many people do not have the courage, selflessness or character to go the...

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