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Stars Go Dim
Stars Go Dim / May 26, 2017

“You Are Loved” (Official Music Video)

Stars Go Dim debut album now available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

Joel S
Joel Stepanek / May 26, 2017

Walking on Water

Joel Stepanek challenges you to discern "what boat you need to get out of to walk on water!"

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Why God? by Tracy Gaboyau

Recently, I was scrolling through Twitter and I saw this:   It got me thinking. What does the Bible say about natural disasters? What does the Bible say about horrible things...

Back In Session

Hello Young Church! WELCOME BACK, to school, I mean. The chapter of summer has closed once again and we are leaving the days of Netflix bingeing and beach days and...

More Than a Coach

There are a number adjectives that are used to describe Tom Coughlin, the former Head Coach and current Executive Vice President of the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Tough. Disciplined. Detailed. But...

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