Rise Up is a place of
connections, challenges,
and possibilities…

…oh yeah,
and fun!

Actually, fun should be first right?
So let’s start there.

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At a Rise Up event, young people enjoy an energetic, fun, and exciting evening of great entertainment.  If you have time for dinner and a movie, you have time for Rise Up.

So come on let’s Rise!


Rise Up is a place for connections.

Connections that become deeply rooted.  Friendship, acceptance, support are all traits you’ll find at Rise Up.


Rise Up challenges young people to listen to different points of view, ask the tough questions, dialogue with respect and come to their own conclusions about life, love and faith.

Isn’t that what everyone should do?


The challenges and opportunities in life are pathways to unwrapping your hearts desire.

Rise Up doesn’t have all the answers, but you do.  With clarity of thought, rooted in truth and love, and with your own conclusions, you’ll find your possibilities.


Come and Join the Rise

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