LOVE by Emma Stockli

“Oh Romeo, Oh Romeo. Wherefore art thou Romeo?” Every girl swoons over this line in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet. But love isn’t as simple as it seems in Romeo and Juliet. Love is something you have to work at and work for. It isn’t easy, it’s very complex and stupid. But everyone wants someone to love and love them in return. There are different types of love: family, friendship, love of oneself and true unbiased love. The easiest one to start off with is family.

The people you were born into is our family. You don’t always have to like them but you always will love them. They will always be by our side through thick and thin. Loving family comes naturally, they are the fungus on the tree that helps it survive. Some families are different, composed of different people, but still a family. Many families stay in contact when loved ones move away and others simply are too busy to care. My family is complex, half live in Florida and the other half live in Ohio. Out of those who live in Jacksonville, FL I mainly see my immediate family. My sister and myself lead very busy life and when we do get a chance to see our parents or even our grandparents it is truly a treasure. My aunt on the other hand has a mind of her own and no filter. I don’t like her most times but there is still a family bond that we share and I love her no matter what.

Love of friendship takes more effort, in some cases great effort, to form. People tend to click right away and the love and respect come naturally. Other people you first have to tolerate, get to know them, become acquaintances, then y’all will talk on a regular basis. (With technology being influential in today’s society, it is easy to keep in touch with people) But you still have to put in effort to get a result. This type of love isn’t like your family love where it come naturally, but you have to choose to love our friends. You have to work for what you want and what you bring to the relationship is multiplied in return. My best friend in the whole wide world, we clicked initially but there were some bumps in the road. We have been friends since 2009 and by the end of 2011 we had gotten into a fight and weren’t talking. I graduated high school in 2013 and that summer we reconnected and have been closer than ever. She may live far away from me but with technology we facetime each other every day or whenever we need to talk or vent.

To be able to love yourself completely takes great effort. There may always be something that you don’t like about yourself but loving every aspect of yourself will in turn make someone love you for every aspect. This type of love is a daily challenge, even and every moment challenge. Loving yourself is something you choose to do every day. You are the only one who can affect how you love yourself. I’m 22 years old and somedays I wake up hating aspects of myself. Then throughout the day I end up using those aspects and learning to love every single part of me. You have to be optimistic when loving yourself. I have yet to do it but I keep moving forward and find new parts of myself to love. The one aspect that I deal with loving on a daily basis is my weight. Since I was young I have always been the chunky, tall girl. That has stuck with me because I still carry the weight. I have however learned how to dress myself to make it seem that I am an average weight and loved how I have felt in some outfits.

True, unbiased love is what we search for our whole lifetime. In Biblical terms it is called “Agape” which means the truest form of love. Not all the time we see when this form of love is given to us. We are in denial that we are even given this. Jesus is that true unbiased love. We search for that love through other people but come up empty handed because humans don’t know how to love without biases. There seems to always be a condition with the love you receive from someone else. But with God, there are no conditions. He wants us to come to him as we are, broken and shattered because he loves us with this “Agape” love. William Shakespeare also said “Who could refrain that had a heart to love and in that heart courage to make love known?” We have a heart to love, will we have the courage to bring it to God so he can make his love known through us?

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